SOLKAN Detective Agency Bialystok, tel.: +48 606 660 573 | Professionally and discreetly!
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SOLKAN Detective Agency was established in February 2008.

It was our response to a huge demand occurring in that field and a next step in our development – for we have been operating in this area since 2005.

Currently, we are one of the biggest and most important detective agencies in Podlaskie Voivodship.
We provide professional detective services in the whole territory of the country as well as abroad.

In the beginning, our company had its seat in Kleosin near Białystok, at ul. Zambrowska 18.

In March 2011, following the suggestions of our clients and partners: law offices, advocates and solicitors, we moved our office to the centre of Białystok. At the moment, you can find us at ul. Lipowa 12  / 20.

SOLKAN Detective Agency is a licenced detective agency operating in Poland. We hold an authorization no. RD-8/2008, issued by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, as well a licence no. 0001603, issued by the Voivodship Police Headquarters.

Due to the kind of our activity, SOLKAN Detective Agency has a third party liability insurance in the amount of € 15,000 (fifteen thousand Euros).

Over the years of hard work, we have gained trust of our clients and companies cooperating with us.

We approach each case individually; first of all, we are concerned about our clients” interests. When dealing with each case entrusted to us, we observe professional ethics.

Our motto is: “Professionally and discreetly”.